Thursday, September 25, 2008

┬┐Quieres un Sombrero?


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Horror for Health

"Horror films are like boot camp for the psyche. In real life, human beings are packaged  in the flimsiest of packages, threatened by real and sometimes horrifying dangers, events like Columbine... but the narrative form puts these fears into a manageable series of events. It gives us a way of thinking rationally about our fears."

- Wes Craven


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Watching the National Republican Convention

republican national convention 08 As I watch the NRC and pay attention to not only the speakers but the public in attendance as well, I continue to be reminded of a thought that dawned on me about a year ago, and continues to grow.

Republicans are very two dimensional and can be easy split between two groups.

  1. The leaders... These are the wealthy, old, conservative decision makers who's job it is to...
    • Evangelize as many people as possible
    • Manipulate religion, government, and law enforcement to their benefit, all the while convincing their followers these changes benefit them.
    • Continually reinforce the flat thinking of their followers by feeding them a steady diet of fear and football.Mccain_300_ap
  2. The followers... These are the "common clay" of the land,  good well meaning people of this country who's life experience didn't include a chance for a higher education and therefore have fallen victim of the low information trickery of the conservative leaders. The followers shout, USA!! USA!! not because they don't mean it, but because they have nothing else.

No... as I watch the National Republican Convention, I cant help but feel that I've never seen a larger group of simpletons ever. Its a convention center half full (the other half is empty seats) of country johnny_cash_fingerass, "us against them", "I hate and fear things I don't understand" (which is most things) "the whole world is between Atlanta and Nevada", "when debating my point of view, I will attack you instead", mentally challenged mongrels.

Bike Ride at Berkeley

Here's a vid of our recent bike ride to a hidden location in Berkeley where the liberal heart and spirit meet.